Those who disbelieve

Oh Lord have mercy on them! is there a greater mercy that could be given to those who disbelieve in the hereafter!

Can they not turn to the sun as the light, and at moon, how you appointed a latern for man. But they heed not! Their pride has overcome them oh Lord!

I beg of you God, do not cast a seal upon the hearts of men, if a man can save but one man from the pits of hell, is that man considered to have saved all of man!



Forgive us Lord, may you console oh Mohammed (may peace be upon him) the Jihad was a morale war! not a war of clans, tribes, sects. He only sought to show strength in your name! he sought not to transgress! He raided the caravan only to survive! only to tip the scale of injustice as they worships idols, lavished in greed, and proclaimed Mohammed but a cast away whilst they enjoyed the spoils of Mecca!

Assuredly my God, the loose lips and the way-ward tongues of man shall be the fall of all mankind. They listen to what they will, they ignore what they please, they construde how they will! for the benefit of greed, lust, gluttony,and pride!

Onto them oh Lord you gave them freewill. A gift if they but knew it!


You are a bad Muslim!

Lord only you know what is in the breasts (the hearts) of men. I dare not intrude on your close relationships with man.

But at times i test the resolve of him who proclaims the teachings of Gabriel (onto Mohammed) cunningly, i get him to say the name…JESUS.


If only they knew how much¬† respect a true ‘Muslim’ must cast onto the prophets before Mohammed. Indeed a test for the God fearing, the believers!

Forgive me Oh lord! if i mentioned the name Mohammed, Or that of the messiah – Jesus, or that of Abraham, or that of Moses! forgive me Lord if it escapes my attention to say after the holly name ‘may peace be upon them’.


I turn to the book of Mohammed! and the book of Abraham! and to the book of Jesus!

But they see not as the same oh Lord. Forgive us. They proclaim “Lo! they do not worship the God of Jesus!” forgive us Lord for our tongues have opened quicker then the books! have they no sense! should man proclaim that of which he has no knowledge, nor sought knowledge? but still he proclaims! “false hoods!” “blasphemy!” Lo! that of which was revealed to Mohammed is but violence! it is but an abomination of Jesus! and of Mary!

They cast onto us their beliefs, i shall tell them; produce to me a piece of evidence! show me a Surah, or a Verse! did Moses not put his hand in his pocket and behold! a sickening disease! and to them i shall tell them; of what does the Holly Quran say of this?

They cease the topic! the seek only to transgress! forgive them oh Lord. Cast your mercy upon us.

And so transgression avails them from all sides

I am aware of the fallen one of Lord, protect me from his cunning. His throne must be here on earth! They see them behead the innocent followers of Islam and that of the Torah- and proclaim a caliphate! but they claim not but evil and transgression. The christian’s see them, the muslims see them, and the un-believing see them! who is more wicked then him who derails a man from the path of God! by their actions in your name they proclaim. As such they create transgressions from both their kindred (muslims) and from other God fearing men. They seek not but pride and power – strike at them God!

Oh Lord how the fallen one has led them astray! indeed satan is a master manipulator of men. Cast your mercy upon us Lord. Transgression from within has availed us from all sides!

Islam and the error of man!

If they only but knew oh God, how Mohammed (peace be upon him) spared the prisoners of the invading tribes! he proclaimed NO! you shall not execute them as you have done before!

Indeed in his mercy, he took them back to Medina and guided them towards the true path. In your gardens of paradise they shall abide forever.

So when man see’s another proclaiming the name of the prophet beheading another muslim! or Christian! both of Abraham,¬† both of Moses! both of the messiah (peace be upon them) …how grevious his error! a fateful day awaits him, he shall be considered to have beheaded all of man kind! How wicked are the hearts of men! cast your mercy on them Lord…of all those who show mercy, assuredly you are the most giving of mercy!

I dare not assimilate the actions of a few, to that of many. I dare not fall into the pit of ignorance oh Lord! Guide them Lord, as you did Moses, and the Jews! How powerful is the army of Mohammed (may peace be upon him) and how peaceful are the true believers! those who have abandoned hatred, embraced humility and gathered the fruits of your wisdom Lord! they observe the poor and the destitute! assuredly they will abide forever with you!

May this be my refuge, and for those who seek you.

God forgive man for his ignorance, his wickedness and guide him.

I seek not your wisdom under a roof, be it rectangular, dome like nor a tent. where ever i am is a sacred place for us. Deliver me from falsehood, guide me my Lord for i fear you, and love you. Many a time your lessons struck me, if it be calamity, or good tidings, i accept your judgement – of all those who judge you are the best of judges. I found your mercy relentless, but i also bare witness to your anger – it lasts but a small time. your mercy and love is eternal. I submit unto you my soul in this life and in the hereafter. The spoils of this life are but miniscule compared to the hereafter.